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Last week

Well I did not manage to comment nor to post last week, so here is the latest.

Of course I got to do virus removal on several machines, first the people I work for, then the secretaries, then others who needed help. My boss will "let" me help these other people, but I have to keep a log such that he knows how much time I am spending, and someday he might use it for something??? There is someone hired to do that job for the entire college, but of course he was swamped.

I got yet another load of firewood on Wednesday, the high was only 78 F and it was overcast, so I did pretty well loading. I think the heat is the real limiting factor at this point. Sorry to hear of all the folks in the UK are getting our normal weather, and we yours, but I'm sure things will get back to normal sooner or later. Yes 78 F is comfortable, even good working weather. Our AC at home is set to 85 F, just because we are to cheap to spend the cash on electricity, so that tells you what we are accustomed to.

The garden is very dry, the sweet corn was pretty much a bust, as the raccoons ate most of it, or at least pulled it down and ate enough to make you not want to finish it. When I lived in Peoria, this guy took me coon hunting one night. Let's see, we left about 10 pm with these dogs, followed them most of the evening, in the dark in the woods, with guns, then hours later the dogs treed a coon, we find the dogs, look in the tree for the coon, and shoot it dead. I thought what a waste, very very mean. But now I start to understand the damage they do and why that little tradition exists.

Saturday was the Tomato Fertility Rites at Roger the Bass Player's house. He threw a good party with lots of food, beer, 'ta-kill-ya' and misc. other treats. There was lots of folk and bluegrass music as well as some Irish stuff and some slam-grass. It was good to see a bunch of young "kids" playing Irish and Bluegrass, as some of the older pickers are getting - well old. And of course the crowning of the king and queen. As tradition has it, the royalty may sleep with whomever they want during their year as king/queen. Also the king has to buy the beer for the party next year, and the queen pays for the porta-potty and makes the costumes. The shrine was beautifully done and it was pronounced a good year for tomatoes.

Well today I cleaned my office and made a list of things to do, posting to my journal wasn't on it. But so what?
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