Sorry we're open (jmathus) wrote,
Sorry we're open

Everyone agrees, it's a nice day

Well I got out of my windowless office and walked to lunch, nice weather we're having.

I should be outside cutting firewood or something, you know firewood burns better when it's cut in hot weather. Not sure why that would be true, except that nobody cuts firewood when it's hot out, so there is plenty to choose from.

Good deed for the day (Wednesday) I entered 31 pages of data for someone after lunch. I told him he had to proof it himself. There were 3 experiments, 1 cucumber and 2 squash. I was listening to the radio and it was a mix of bluegrass, funky jazz and salsa, which made my fingers fly. As quiting time approached I thought there was yet another experiment of data, but no, the 4th one is pumpkins, and they are not harvested yet. Hey I did it. Got it all done.

This afternoon I will help a grad student with his statistics. I think I'll need a cup of coffee to get the brain going, bluegrass is not going to help when deep thought is required.

Hope the weather is good for you too
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